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The majority of Israelis (63%) and of Palestinians (53%) support the two states solution. However, the mutual threat perceptions are very high and 83% of Palestinians and 55% of Israelis feel threatened by the intentions of other side.

Given the outcome of the Israeli operation in Gaza and the UN recognition of a Palestinian state, Palestinians move towards Hamas’ over Abbas’s way, whereas Israelis stand steadfast in their evaluations and preferences.
Israelis oppose intolerant steps toward Arab citizens. Palestinians incorrectly believe, that Israelis support such steps
Polls 2008-2009 
Threatened Israelis and Palestinians disenchanted with the peace process and support further violence
Polls 2006-2007 
In the aftermath of the war in lebanon, palestinian support for hamas unchanged with greater prgamatism among israelis regarding negotiations
Polls 2003-2005

Majority support among Palestinians and Israelis for the Road Map and for mutual recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and Palestine as the state of the Palestinian people –But each public misperceives the position of the other

Polls 2002-2003
Important but fragile shifts in opinions toward the intifada and the peace process
Polls 2000-2001
Amidst much pessimism as to the prospects of a peace process, Palestinians are determined to continue their struggle; Israelis strongly support Sharon's current policy